Fly fishing and other fishing at Tikehau

March 26, 2023

Saltwater fly fishing, and Bonefish fishing in particular, is becoming increasingly popular. Tropical seas are being explored in search of the best flats and new destinations to discover.

The Tuamotu archipelago is made up of 75 atolls, some of whose lagoons are known for being rich in Bonefish, which the locals call "Ioio". This archipelago, one of the most remote of all modern regions, has remained well off the tourist trail, and its sport fishing resources are still unexplored. The local population, accustomed to the rich waters, excels in all forms of fishing.

Fishing at Fafarua Lodge

Various types of fishing are available during your stay at Fafarua Lodge. 

In the context of "sport" fishing, which adopts the "catch and release" method, these activities are all available around the private island, as well as on one of our boats during dedicated fishing excursions. We can provide equipment for these activities, but fishing enthusiasts are advised to bring their own equipment, adapted to their own way of fishing.

All forms of fishing that involve bringing in fish without releasing them are forbidden in the vicinity of the private island, which is dedicated to underwater observation using fins, mask and snorkel.

You'll need to get away from the private island to do some fishing, which can easily be done on one of our boats, with a pilot on board.

The catch can then be eaten on the way home. Our chef will be delighted to prepare your catch for your next meal.

Fly fishing in Tikehau

n the atoll of Tikehau, all the fishermen are familiar with the Bonefish, and tell of having brought in large quantities in the traps known as "fish pens". This fish, which is rarely eaten by the locals, is generally sold on the markets of Papeete in Tahiti. Apart from the fish farms, it can be found in various parts of the lagoon, but nobody really tries to catch it.

Nils RINALDI (fly fisherman and author of a blog on the subject :, while we were working on the opening of the TIKEHAU FAFARUA LODGE Private Island, that we first explored the lagoon in search of the best flats. Following the instructions of our fisherman, Viriamu HARRYS, who knows the lagoon and its fish resources inside out, Nils was able to leave after making a few catches, leaving us with a few photos and a video that can be seen on his blog ( . He also told us that, in addition to Bonefish, he had enjoyed fishing for blue jacks, barracuda and duckbill.

That's how we started to really pay attention to the fly-fishing opportunities that Tikehau lagoon has to offer. Since then we've organized ourselves, explored the lagoon differently with the help of local fishermen, and acquired a purpose-built aluminum boat capable of carrying 3 fishermen and taking us to every nook and cranny of the lagoon.

As soon as our establishment opened, we offered this activity to our visitors. 

The Tikehau atoll abounds with fishing sites and flats for fly-fishing fans.

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