Coconut resources

The coconut palm is a sacred tree in Polynesia, known for its many uses, from making "fare" (houses) to food and basketry. This miraculous tree, which grows abundantly on Tikehau, offers a wealth of resources:

Coconut water: The water contained in coconuts is a natural hydrating drink rich in electrolytes.

Coconut flesh: The edible part of the coconut is used at various stages to
- prepare various dishes, beverages and food products, including coconut milk, mitihue (fermented coconut milk), virgin coconut oil and many others
- preparing monoï: a body care product
-copra: for various industrial applications.

Coconut fiber: Fibers from the coconut shell are used to make mats, brushes and similar products.

Coconut shell: The outer shell of the coconut can be transformed into charcoal, used in water filters and construction materials.

Trunk wood: for construction and especially decorative purposes

Coconut palms: for weaving vegetable roofs or everyday utensils: bags, hats etc...

And many other applications

Photos of Cocos

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