Ecology is our primary concern. Whether it's respect for the natural environment, the coral reef with all its flora and fauna.


For almost 25 years, we've strived to build, step by step, a structure that adapts to the needs of modern comfort, while striving to keep the precarious balance of nature around us to a minimum.

L'ecology is our first concern. What this or the respect from l'environment natural, the environment coral with any its wildlife and its flora but also l'integration in the mode from life and the tradition from the population local.

Choice of materials

From project set-up to operation, every choice has been made to optimize the preservation of the natural environment and the use of local resources.

As an example, we have deliberately chosen to use the existing facilities on the motu, and to renovate them rather than destroy them and bring in new materials, both out of a concern for authenticity and a desire to minimize outside input.

Wherever possible, we used materials already present on the motu, without affecting the natural balance we found there.


It is entirely produced by a solar power system, which can be backed up by a generator in exceptional cases.

Water harvesting

Although there is no river or water network nearby, the water needed for our guests' comfort is supplied by large reserves of rainwater collected from the roofs. There is a freshwater aquifer on the motu, from which we draw only minimal quantities so as not to risk upsetting the precarious balance of natural water stocks useful to the vegetation present.


Our vegetables and honey are sourced as much as possible from an organic farming community just a few blocks away.

Of course, the seafood - fish, shellfish and crustaceans - that we catch or that a local fisherman brings us is unrivalled in its freshness, and is the preferred accompaniment to our meals.


Of course, we sort our waste selectively. Some is kept on site to feed the fish in our natural aquarium, or to enrich the soil, while the rest is regularly transported to the village, which has the only municipal waste collection center in the archipelago.

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