French cuisine, Polynesian recipes and a variety of fresh seafood will delight you.

Carpaccio dish Fafarua Lodge


Catering and supplies are provided entirely by the motu staff.

The kitchen

Remoteness from l'atoll and from l'island private make visit conditions d'supply very complicated and oblige the chef from kitchen à s'adapt at permanence à this which is available. However, we have the chance from power arrange from fish d'a excellent quality and d'a large variety and we let's focus on greatly visit products fees and premises.

L'essential from our kitchen is à base from fish, at all its shapes, caught locally and à every once that we the can, from vegetables and fruit premises. We let's put a point d'honor à go to discover, à those which the want from dishes typical from l'archipelago and from the Polynesia, such as that theIpo ",Faraoa Uto ",Faraoa Tupa ", fish vintage, fish fees from day toasted on the " Iri iri " (gravel from coral) etc...


A hearty breakfast is a meal in its own right. A privileged moment in the organization of the day, it is a convivial moment.


The lunch occurring à a moment from the day from extreme heat, will be from type snack, salad or fish à the Tahitian. He includes generally a dish unique with sound support.

The dinner

Dinner will be served after the aperitif, and will be a meal of cooked or grilled dishes, generally giving priority to fish and local produce, in a relaxed atmosphere.
It generally consists of a starter, main course and dessert.

In the measure from our possible, we let's try from go to at better for we adapt at people which have from restrictions food from type intolerance at gluten or intolerance at proteins animal or allergies specific. We please however from we at inform the more early possible, before the reservation, from at that we can evaluate with you in what measure we can you give satisfaction.

Wine & Beverage

All at long from the day, tea, coffee, water fresh and juice are à the disposition from guests. Visit other beverages, soft drinks, beers, wines, spirits are available and will be recorded at fur and à measure from your consumption according to visit rates displayed.

On your requestit is possible from put à your disposition from products specific from your choice : wines, spirits, for make your stay more pleasant and personalized. Some products being difficult à go to get at Polynesia and d'as more on a island isolated, we you please from we at inform more d'a month à l'advance for we enable from we get. They must be set à l'advance.

Tea, coffee, fresh water and juices are available throughout the day.





Non-alcoholic drinks

Sodas and soft drinks
Bottled water


White / rosé / red wines
from Tahiti
de Bourgogne
de Provence
of Bordeaux
of California



Liqueurs & Spirits

On request only:

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