Explore the old "sector" village at Tikehau

In the heart of the Tuamotu archipelago, in the South Pacific Ocean, lies a treasure trove of history and tradition: the ancient village of Tikehau. Nestled on the eponymous atoll, this enchanting spot offers travelers a true immersion in Polynesia's past, a time when island life was punctuated by ancestral customs and respect for nature. Today, this historic village, though partially abandoned, continues to captivate and bear witness to the region's rich cultural heritage.

When you arrive at the ancient village of Tikehau, you're immediately struck by its atmosphere of mystery. The ruins of traditional coral stone and wooden houses stand proudly, telling their story to anyone who will listen. Once home to local families who lived in harmony with the atoll's bountiful natural environment, the ruins are a reminder of a simple, unpretentious way of life. All are reminders of a simple way of life in symbiosis with the environment.

Wandering through the remains of the old village, you can feel the imprint of time that has passed. Despite its abandonment, the place exudes a serene, peaceful atmosphere, as if the spirits of the past still watch over this place steeped in history. Lush vegetation has reclaimed its rights, intertwining with the ruins to create a picturesque landscape where nature and culture meet in harmony.

The ancient village of Tikehau is a vibrant testimony to traditional Polynesian culture. Today's inhabitants proudly perpetuate the customs and skills of their ancestors.

In conclusion, the ancient village of Tikehau is much more than a simple historical site, it's an invitation to a journey back in time to the heart of Polynesia. Between the ruins steeped in history, the preserved customs and traditions, and the natural beauty of the atoll, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy an authentic and enriching experience. To walk in the footsteps of Tikehau's ancient inhabitants is to connect with an age-old culture and marvel at the timeless splendour of this unique place.

Photos of the old village

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