Discover the different aspects of the superb Tikehau reef

Discovering the Tikehau reef.

Tikehau is often nicknamed the "bird atoll", but it could just as easily be called the "atoll of underwater wonders". As soon as you immerse yourself in the lagoon's turquoise waters, a fairytale world unfolds: a labyrinth of extravagantly shaped corals, a rainbow of shimmering tropical fish, and majestic sea creatures moving with infinite grace.

The Tikehau reef is a permanent aquatic ballet where fish of all sizes intermingle in an astonishing ecological balance. Hard and soft corals form a colorful patchwork that shelters an impressive biodiversity.

Explore the reef, c'is enter at contact with l'petrol from the life from l'atoll, visit constructions coral, the proliferation from the wildlife and from the vegetation aquatic which contribute à the construction permanent from l'atoll face à the extraordinary force and at power shredder from l'huge ocean which l'surrounds.

Visit visit on the reef is also l'opportunity from take awareness from l'immensity from l'environment which we welcomes and from the place from l'be human in this world à the once complex and huge.

We do can not leave from Tikehau at having actually received some thing from this location if on n'a not past from time on sound magnificent reef, and for this on can go to move à various locations from l'atoll, submitted à from currents, from winds from swells various, which shape the reef differently à every once and offer from landscapes beautiful and various.

Discovering the Tikehau reef is also an opportunity to learn about the importance of preserving this fragile ecosystem.

In conclusion, discovering the Tikehau Reef is an unforgettable experience that transports travelers into an exceptional underwater universe. From shimmering coral to teeming tropical fish and encounters with iconic marine creatures, this reef is a treasure trove of biodiversity.

Photos of Tikehau Reef

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