Surfing at the Tikehau pass

The wave at TIKEHAU pass is renowned among experienced surfers, depending on swell conditions.

The best time to surf Tikehau is from November to the end of March. At this time of year, northerly swells bring constant waves that break over the coral reefs, forming tubes and walls perfect for surfing.

Reserved for experienced surfers accustomed to surfing coral reefs, the Tuheiava pass is a must-see spot. The pass, famous for its quality waves, is also a destination of choice for thrill-seeking surfers. Tuheiava's waves are powerful and fast, offering experienced surfers an ideal playground for aerial maneuvers and spectacular tricks.

The motu, located 30 minutes by boat from the pass, can be used as a base camp for surfing enthusiasts, offering a pleasant, comfortable and friendly setting for the rest of the time, or for those accompanying them.

As part of our holiday package, the boat and its pilot can be made available each morning for access to the surf spot. If you wish to extend the excursion beyond 3 hours, a supplement will be charged. Surfing trips and boat excursions are subject to weather conditions, and their feasibility is at the discretion of the captain.

Tikehau surf photos

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