Fly Fishing

On Tikehau atoll, all the fishermen know the Bonefish (lo'io) and tell of having brought in large quantities in the traps known as "fish parks". This fish is rarely eaten by the locals.
Apart from the fish pens, it is very difficult to come across them in the lagoon. It rarely frequents the flats around the atoll and certainly prefers to remain sheltered in the lagoon's sandy bottoms, which can be up to 30 meters deep.

The visit of Nils RINALDI (fly fisherman and author of a blog on the subject), while we were working on the opening of Fafarua Private IslandNils and I first explored the lagoon in search of the best flats. Following the instructions of our fisherman, Viriamu HARRYS, who knows the lagoon and its fish resources inside out, Nils was able to set off again after making a few catches, leaving us with the following information some photos and a video that can be seen on his blog.

He also told us that he had enjoyed fishing for blue trevally, barracuda and duckbill but it was very difficult for him to meet the Bonefish which prefers the deeper waters of the lagoon to the flats.

That's how we started to really pay attention to fly-fishing opportunities in Tikehau lagoon. Since then we've organized ourselves, explored the lagoon differently with the help of local fishermen, acquired a aluminium boat designed for this activitycapable of carrying 3 fishermen and taking us to every corner of the lagoon.

As soon as our establishment opened, we offered this activity to our visitors and were able to welcome many fly-fishing enthusiasts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

We don't provide fishing equipment or a professional fly-fishing guide, but we can take you to the various flats that have delighted our previous visitors.

This activity, lasting around 3 hours a day, is included in our package as an alternative to the boat trip. If you wish to have the boat at your disposal for longer, or if you wish to fish along the reef on the ocean side or at the pass, you will be asked to pay a supplement.

Fishing trips and boat excursions are weather-dependent, and their feasibility is left to the captain's discretion.

Fly fishing photos

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