Tikehau fishing trip: trolling, angling, offshore...

If you're a fishing enthusiast, bring your own fishing gear and want to devote your stay to this activity. Close to the lodge, we ask you not to fish on the lagoon side or in the channels, unless you want to release the fish, but it is possible to fish a little further away from the private island or from the reef if the weather conditions are good.

But above all, each morning, instead of a sightseeing boat trip, we can offer you a "fishing" outing, such as casting from the boat, the edge of the lagoon or on the reef, angling, trolling in the lagoon, or other types of fishing. peachare possible. This activity, lasting around 3 hours a day, is included in our package as an alternative to the boat trip.

If you wish to use the boat for a longer period, or if you wish to fish along the reef on the ocean side or at the pass, a supplement will be charged.
As our boat is not authorized to do this, we do not do deep-sea fishing.

Fishing trips and boat excursions are weather-dependent, and their feasibility is left to the captain's discretion.

Tikehau fishing photos

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